Water Time Macha Campaign

An Awareness Campaign by Thrisul Vision


In collaboration with Kochi Metro and Thrisul Vision, Water Time Macha campaign was launched to create an awareness about the health of kidneys. The goal was to build a positive routine, call upon people to drink an adequate amount of water and keep kidneys healthy.

Launched Water Time Macha Campaign on World Kidney Day to bring a positive impact and promote the importance of kidney health.


To capture the attention and change the mindset of people by bringing an awareness about drinking an adequate amount of water to save kidney.


In the initial stages of the campaign plan, analyzed the statistics associated with low water intake among people, researched about kidney health and ways to keep kidney active.

To build curiosity, promoted catchy taglines and print collaterals to capture attention on various social media platforms such as Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Thus ideation was developed and created a storyboard to launch Water Time Macha campaign.

Later, to continue the activity and engagement, #WaterTimeMacha raised awareness on social media with a simple message – Water is life! Save your Kidneys.


Designed logo and merchandise collaterals to convey the theme of the campaign.

The strategic approach charted the course of action and effective campaigns.

Social media profiles were made with engaging posts to implement the strategies effectively. To keep the audience curious, Water Time Macha campaign was put forward with an interesting tagline.

The strategic approach aroused widespread attention, build excitement throughout all the social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and engaged with the wide audiences.

On March 8th, passengers of Kochi Metro were in for a little surprise. Our team was ready in the various station to capture the real-time moments.

On the same day, the majority passengers were aware of the International women’s day. But, almost 90% of people were unaware of the World Kidney Day.

To build the health awareness about the kidney, Water Time Macha healthy challenge was launched in the metro station.

The challenge was titled as ‘A Litre of Water in A Minute’. The purpose was to bring an awareness about kidneys health and to drink an adequate amount of water daily.

The challenge was widely and actively accepted by metro staffs and passengers to promote the importance of drinking water and to keep the kidneys healthy.

All the campaign activities were captured on LIVE and were updated on social media.

The campaign aroused wide attention and famous personalities, celebrities and specialised doctors participated in the campaign to promote the importance of drinking water daily to save kidney.

Post campaign challenge

To promote kidney health, #WaterTimeMacha challenge was launched in social media. The challenge was to drink a Litre of water in a minute and post the video on social media profile with #WaterTimeMacha by tagging 3 challengee. The goal was to promote a healthy movement to keep hydrated by drinking water.

A wide audience in social media accepted the challenge and actively took part in the healthy movement.


  • Successfully created awareness among 1,00,000 people.
  • 100+ Kochiites took part in the Water Time Macha Challenge.
  • 100+ people took a Kidney Screening Test in the proceeding month.
  • 1,30,000+ video Views on Digital Media.
  • 2,30,000+ reach on Social Media.